Every era has its own era Icon, the reason why they can have a timeless charm lies in their unique taste and style, almost every one has its own private classic imprint, for example, think of Audrey Hepburn will think small black dress, think of Jacqueline Kennedy will think big sunglasses, think of Elizabeth Taylor will naturally think of those fine cheap van cleef diamond earrings full of love ... yes, for women, especially for the many designers become muse became the goddess of the public mind these Icon, the jewelry will always be able to represent their aesthetic and style best mark


Nail series is designed by the devil living in New York jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo in 1971 and created, it will be turned into jewelry hardware appliances American fusion inspired 54 clubs pleasure wild spirit, a symbol of freedom and rebellion of young Americans personality to uninhibited image was "pinned" in people's minds, Aldo called it the "future of fake van cleef & arpels clover necklace." Because the nail shape is cool, so a lot of people both men and women are willing to be it, "to bend", it also has a neutral character.


Men wear jewelry, a woman wearing a watch, if this transposition, it seems there is no wrong, everything visible heart, had gone strip box. Like some jewelry can change with the style, very amazing, offensive gas field who wear it overbearing, fresh and pure soft Meng cute to wear it, it is no division between men and women, and anyone can have it and ride it .


Victoire grandmother's jewelry is ignited her dream, Victoire had said, "My grandmother had a lot of jewelry, a very early age I like playing with them ...... there has been such a feeling of satisfaction to my mind, and since then , I used to go with the child's thinking created. "obviously, this explains why Victoire works are always full of playful and imaginative.


Shakespeare once wrote: "When you say 'I love you' when we must very quietly, do not let the God of heaven to hear, because they will be jealous of." Love makes you to be his / her most sparkling eyes that one person. Focus on platform independent replica van cleef & arpels clover necklace designer sinks --EliteSigner star set to quit and to transfer students love theme, introduced a new series of Special U.