Love and jewelry always inextricably linked, has handed down a love story, there will be witness to the feelings of the token, those dazzling diamonds, endless narrative of love riddles, condensed into one entity oath. José Daniel famously said:. "Bvlgari bracelet replica is love orator, a man even as it touched the woman's heart" jewels encounter love great stories to tell, strung like a section of an expensive romantic epic in the eternal river of time patiently been passed down, so bring out the jewelry and then more or romantic poignant love story.


Alfred Van Cleef & Estelle Arpels

1896 family of gems came from Estelle. Albemarle (Estelle Arpels) met cut mason's son Alfred. Van Cleef (Alfred Van Cleef). They love story thus started, and walked hand in hand the romantic journey beyond imagination. They married in a large garden planted alfalfa, and gradually they found the plant, although ordinary, but has its own magic, that is, one hundred thousand alfalfa is likely only to find a "four-leaf grass". In 1906, they successfully take over the family Cheap Bvlgari Necklace business, and with their own romantic experiences to create a brand, it is Van Cleef & Arpels, and their places symbol of luck, "Clover" as inspiration, created a secret formula to make the world amazed mosaic law process can be placed like two love hearts as a variety of precious stones skilfully closely together.


1930s Egypt, has a beautiful princess Fali Ya, 1939, Fali Ya Iran Ray Prince Richard Pala Fei for granted were married. Famous jewelry maker Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels made for the wedding of the crown worn by the princess, necklaces and earrings, wedding scene Fali Ya jewelry, glorious position.


Do not love Jiangshan love beauty of the Duke of Windsor has a gentle look at a fiery and strong heart, he used a piece of fine replica Bulgari B.ZERO1 Ring crafted Cartier Duchess of Windsor to express his infinite love and affection, will be integrated into jewelry every corner of love, the achievements of some of the most enduring legend.