1930s fashion point is to take advantage of exquisite perfection van cleef & arpels jewelry wholesale. Bare back of costume design, make a special hairstyle to achieve elegant results. In this era, accessory clothing has become very important, handbags, wallets and cosmetic bags are the focus of fashion. Jewelry is naturally prominent gem doing my part to become the focus of decoration

1950s fashion is not only the frequent changes of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics innovation also concern. Among the variety of jewelry, earrings extremely popular in the 1950s, with matching earrings bracelets, necklaces, of course, also will become a popular jewelry. In all kinds of necklace, pearl is a woman of choice, it's almost become a party must jewelry. In order to achieve special effects, in the past the simple outdated makeup colors, the popular series of multi-color mix. If you want to imitate the fashion simple 1950s, just remember saying: even the most gorgeous fashion, no van cleef & arpels jewelry replica, but also do not intend to make the door!

60s in the culture is "counter-culture of the times" in the new cultural influences, everything is advocating a new and completely different brand. Flower was the most important decorations, use the most is the shape of daisies exaggerated. Plastic was also the new products, it symbolizes the era of the universe, a symbol of astronauts, but also a symbol of the future. High taste and elegant fashion has been basically no one is interested in the 1960s, young people in pursuit of unconventional and distinctive design. So, we want to seek the glamorous 1960s, need to have when shopping as loose lazy in the bedroom courage.

80s fashion also called "expansion" period, the reason for this phenomenon is the yuppie culture, their yuppie lifestyle and high income need to show off, wearing a dress on the expansion is to show off the inevitable. With gorgeous jewelery and designer fashion to convey information, they want to prove that they have the ability, of course, they do have this ability!

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