Character color embodies the human temperament beauty and inner beauty. Personality color science, the character of the people are divided into four categories: red, blue, yellow, green. Red, yellow, outward publicity, while the blue, green is introverted introverted. Without some color character is perfect, each character has their disadvantages. A variety of character, there are differences with each other.


She has red character pro, you positive and optimistic. You casual, lively, curious yet sociable; you free, unfettered, charismatic talent. So you need is some van cleef arpels butterfly ring copy with a modern feel. So red character pro, you can wear some of the metal has a very good sense of jewelry, so make you handsome and dynamic sense, it makes you different, your quality will show red exhaustive.


Blue personalities children, has a loyal and sincere heat, they are cautious and hidden. Sensitive and delicate. They profound thinking, independent thinking rather than blind conformity. They are deep, they sound humble, but they have high standards and their pursuit of perfection, they are idealists. If a woman has a blue character, then they are delicate and exquisite, this woman for sapphires, black pearls and other textured, beautiful jewelry. Such jewelry elegant without publicity, without exaggeration pure, has a mysterious charm, restrained and delicate.


Yellow character pro, adventurous fear of power. They frankly, sharply, to the point, they have a very strong sense of presence, and have a strong desire to win. Yellow personalities children, unique character, they need a strong sense of color, some jewelry, and more able to reflect the identity of the more extravagant, the more they like, such as the big brands, high-end van cleef & arpels two butterfly ring, which is their luxury fascinated attitude decision. Yellow character who can wear diamonds, platinum, gold, precious stones, especially large grain others love them.


Owned green character, their contacts can be so inspiring, because they are quiet pleasant temperament, their good character and quiet and well-behaved. Green character of the people kind gentle and peaceful man, they relaxed state of mind, contentment, the pursuit of simple casual lifestyle. This population for integration with nature, a small woman with a mild, pleasant atmosphere designed to allow them to have a strong overall impression. Green personalities can be used with emerald, emerald, flowers, insects, fish and other naturalistic atmosphere full of jewelry, and some have casual color ornaments.


Each woman has their own favorite color, also have their own personality color. In taste and life with color and personality, although a general, but everything is not absolute. On the replica van cleef diamond earrings worn as long as you can find your favorite, and appropriate to their own qualities will make you full of glory.